Totally GROSS!

My new book from Quarto has just been published and it is totally gross! Well, it is called A Giant Dose of Gross, and it’s all about the world’s most disgusting creatures. A Giant Dose of Gross

It has wonderful illustrations from Claire Almon, who did the pictures for the bestselling The Clue is in the Poo, plus the same colourful layout, brimming with facts.

The book explores the ways of animals that we find gross and explains why they act or look the way they do. Every behaviour has a purpose and quite often the story is very interesting. 

Of course the book has plenty of funny quips too.

The contents cover:

  • Ugly: animals that look gross
  • Yucky: animals that do gross things
  • Unfussy: animals that eat gross things
  • Thirsty: animals that drink blood
  • Grisly: animals that live in other animals
  • Stinky: animals that pong
  • Wacky: animals that are strange and gross

You can read more about the book here and see some of the pages too.