Interview with a Tiger – out now!

My new children’s book is published on September 17th and I am VERY excited about it! Interview with a Tiger is a fun fact book where I get to ask ten scary clawed animals questions:

As well as the majestic Bengal tiger I interview a lion, polar bear, jaguar, wolf, giant armadillo and snow leopard among others. They told me some amazing things! The book has sensational pictures by the brilliant Nick East:

If you want to know how these creatures understood me and how I translated their growls and howls then all is revealed in the book! I can tell you one thing: I was TERRIFIED!

Interview with a Tiger is Love Reading’s Children’s Non-fiction Book of the Month for September – you can read their fab review here.

Order the book from Hive (supports local bookshops) at a discount here.

Read more about the book here.