WACKY WORDS is here!

Oh my goshness, this book was so much fun to write:

It’s now out there on the bookshelves in your local store or friendly tax-paying website. It the third book in the series that has already won the Blue Peter Book Award and it’s waiting for you to read and enjoy.
What’s it about? Well MUCH more than words….

Have you been to Muckle Flugga?
Do you know what a courjet is?
Why is your bottom in your middle?
Does CIA mean ‘custard is awesome?’
Can you say, ‘Three free throws’ quickly?
What’s special about wet stew?
Do you know what Ubbi Dubbi is?

  • Find out how to play Ognib and Yabba Yabba
  • Meet Dooby Scoo, Old Gobbo and Two-Metre Peter
  • Discover what a bush telly and a gut buster are
  • Find out the meaning of kludge, zyxt and schnozzle
  • Have fun with Stickipedia, poopo and belly jeans

Here is a feast of jokes, riddles, games, wacky words, punny poems, nutty names, tongue-twisters, funny nonsense, witty wordplay and much more.

Enjoy these snippets:

Read an extract and download a fun free activity pack here!

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