Well, writers are always working on something and last year was an especially busy one for me with no fewer than three children’s books published. But I was also working on the sequel to my first children’s novel Prankenstein and I’m very excited to have a copy of the new book in my hands, fresh from the printers!

The original story, Prankenstein, was the tale of a prank-mad boy called Soapy and his two friends (twins from Estonia) who set themselves up as detectives to try and discover the mystery of a strange and crazy creature who is driving the town round the bend with outrageous, funny pranks. When the trio track down Prankenstein they come in for a mighty shock.

The new book features the same characters and is called PRANKENSTEIN VS YANKENSTEIN!

In this story Soapy’s American cousin, a tanned and mega-sassy girl called Topazz, comes to stay with the family and all is going well until Soapy finds himself chained to a loo seat one morning when he wakes up. Soapy is convinced it must be prank-fan Topazz but she strongly denies it. The two fall out and it’s not long before things get really hairy when another horrible prank-playing monster comes on the scene. Soapy’s friends, the Twince, try to help him but Soapy is thinking the unthinkable: to unleash Prankenstein. Can the planet survive a clash between these two hoaxy beasts?

Like Book 1, the story has lots of laughs, twists, mysteries, chases, fun and astonishing pranks. Here’s what some newspaper reviewers had to say:

There are more brilliant illustrations from Richard Morgan too:


Prankenstein vs Yankenstein will appeal to any boy or girl or 8-11 who loves to laugh and likes an exciting adventure with crazy goings-on. As well as pranks it features cheese, chickens, a bike-bath combo, Harrods, eggs, missiles, custard, and yellow-bellied sapsuckers – what more could you possibly want?

The book is published on 14th April and you can pre-order it now from your local bookshop. Or you can buy it online from the usual places such as Waterstones and Amazon (have a look at Hive too).


  1. hello Andy seed I am from your school and I wanted to know how much your new poem book was the Christmas one I would really like the massive one
    love Alice

    1. Hello Alice. The big version of the new Christmas Book is only available from The Book People. It will be on their website soon I think.
      Best wishes,


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