A Review of Reviews

Time to review some reviews that have appeared for my new children’s novel, Prankenstein.

Moontrug said:
The story is brilliantly funny – every page makes you chuckle, snigger, giggle, smile, snort and chortle – and the characters are larger-than-life: a Granny who thinks Soapy looked like Winston Churchill as a baby, a Mother who is terrified of having anything delicious, like jam, in the house, a nanny whose knickers get sewn together and BEST of all, The Twince – two Estonian twins with epic accents: ‘I can feel it in my bonce.’ 
Full review here.

Readaraptor said:
This was a very fun read with some hilarious bits dotted about and some great accompanying images.
Full review here

Read It Daddy said:
With a good dose of dark humour that put us in mind of David Walliams or Roald Dahl, Andy Seed’s first book for Fat Fox Books, “Prankenstein” is a funny and original story that veers between a detective novel and a knockabout chaotic caper.
Full review here.

Treasury Islands said:
a well crafted, funny, and escapist read which I’d like to compare to David Walliams or Dav Pikey, if only doing so wouldn’t suggest Prankentstein was much lower quality than it is. 
Full review here

Wondrous Reads said:
Above all else, Prankenstein is very funny with a great turn of phrase. I pretty much laughed all the way through it, particularly at Soapy’s flippant, sarcastic comments and blunt humour.
Full review here.

Fantastic Reads said:
This is a fun book for fans of a Horrid Henry seeking more challenge, or of Mr Gum…
Full review here.

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