Summertime and the bloggin is easy

It’s easy to write about good things and there are plenty of them here in sunny North Yorkshire at the moment. My new book All Teachers Bright and Beautiful is out there and the first reactions have been really positive. Thanks, kind reviewers!
Secondly, the book launch at Hoppers, although quiet due to the blazing heat drawing people to the coast, was remarkable for the loveliness of the people there and the distance that some readers travelled. The record now goes to the excellent Alexandra Lye-Weber and her mum Angela who drove all the way from Kent to pick up a signed copy of the new book. An honorable mention must also go to Gordon R who came a long way and kindly brought me a bag of cherries, the brilliant Vicky my ex-pupil who is now a headteacher in Herts and Kevin whose enthusiasm was infectious. Thanks to everyone else who came along too.

Angela, Andy and Alexandra: top fans!
It’s also been a good week with the news that there will be an audio book of All Teachers Great and Small released some time in the near future. I have no details yet but I’m very excited about this and look forward to hearing a great actor who can do great Dales accents!
Finally, there’s been some excellent press coverage of the new book in local and regional newspapers:
The Yorkshire Post did this excellent feature and they sent a photographer round who turned out to be an ex-pupil! 
York’s The Press also featured a fine piece by Mike Laycock:
Though that picture of me they have is, er, interesting….
Event coming up
1st August is YORKSHIRE DAY (of course) and to celebrate it I shall be doing a talk about my memoirs at Filey Library 7pm. Come along and have a giggle.

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