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The third and final memoir in my trilogy, All Teachers Bright and Beautiful is published this week and there’s a launch event at my local indie bookseller, Hoppers of Malton YO17 7LW, once again, on 13th July 10am -2pm. Everybody is welcome, of course. Why not come along, have a chat with an author and get a signed copy of Andy’s new book at a good discount. There’s a Food Lovers’ Market on near the shop too and customers of the Patisserie stall there can get an amazing 25% discount on the book!

I mentioned the launch to a friend and he laughed and said, ‘Why are books launched? Are you going to chuck a copy in the air then?’ I smiled at the feeble wit but it’s an interesting question. Ships are launched, and space rockets and new ranges of expensive swimwear and… books. But, hang on, Google tells me that Maria Sharapova is has just launched some new ‘candies’ called Sugarpova. I’m not making this up – they’re shaped like little tennis balls, honest. So, if that kind of, er, stuff, can be launched then I don’t see why books can’t. So there. And there’ll be no throwing, pal.

I’ll also be signing copies of the new book at the brilliant White Rose bookshop in Thirsk on Sat 6th July, 10.30-12 – another independent shop I’m keen to support. If you prefer to buy online, here’s a link to the new book as well: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Teachers-Bright-Beautiful-Andy-Seed/dp/0755362209

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  1. This book was brilliant, Andy – it had me hooting with laughter! Your writing is original, sparkling, fun and poignant. Thank you!


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