Threshfield and Beyond

World Book Week is in full swing – traditionally one of the authors’ busiest times. As usual, I am flying around the country visiting primary schools and working with enthusiastic children. I was in Harlow yesterday, Wigan tomorrow and Pickering and Settrington later before a trip to Helmsley.

Last week saw a visit to a quite delightful little village school in the Dales, with a building that dates back to 1674. Threshfield Primary is hard to find but well worth it and its spacious new buildings have transformed the place.

Threshfield Primary’s glorious ancient frontage.

The children at the school were great fun to work with too and, as I usually find, the staff were excellent. It was the same in Harlow, although a very different place. I’m sure that Wigan and the rest will be good too – I just hope I have the energy!

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