The Reading Show!

I am working with author Alan Gibbons on a very exciting new project for primary schools. Here are the details – please pass these on to any schools that might be interested.

The Reading Show


An exciting new one-hour theatrical presentation for KS2 to get your kids reading!

Presented by authors Alan Gibbons and Andy Seed, here is 60 minutes of performance, sketches, readings, jokes, recommendations, stories, poems, drama and wild enthusiasm about books. It’s interactive, fast, fun and inspiring!

Our aim is simple: to get children reading for pleasure:

·         Books given away during the show

·         Perfect for reluctant readers and boys

·         For ages 7-11

·         Includes a free ‘How to Get Them Reading’ pack

·         Performed in your school hall

Bookings are now being taken for April to December 2013 from primary schools across the North of England and Midlands.

Contact Alan Gibbons: Tel 07889 981739

Or Andy Seed: Tel 01653 696704

Unesco says reading for pleasure is the single most important thing that will make a child successful in life. So let’s get them reading. Let’s make it fun. Let’s make a difference.

Alan Gibbons is a Blue Peter Book Award winner and twice shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. He visits 180 schools a year in the UK and overseas.


Andy Seed is a children’s poet, non-fiction writer and author of the bestselling memoir All Teachers Great and Small.


The show is based on the format of the highly successful Oh-lympics Show which was sold out in schools in spring and summer 2012.




Who is the show aimed at?

The show is for Key Stage 2 children in all types of school. The content of the performance will appeal to all children from 7-11 and we aim to enthuse everyone about books, and reluctant readers in particular.


What type of show is it?

The Reading show is a 60 minute interactive compendium of sketches, readings, fun, drama, poems and enthusiasm for books. It is not a workshop, nor a talk, nor a typical author visit – it is even more exciting: a theatrical experience with lots of props, characters, humour and stories brought to life.


Who is presenting the show?

Two author/performers, Alan Gibbons and Andy Seed who are former teachers, now full-time writers who visit schools around the country (and beyond) and have a deep-seated desire to see all children discovering the joy of books. We have energy, ideas, experience and some cracking gags.


What size audience can be accommodated?

Almost any number that fits in a school hall (provided that we have space at the front to perform – about 4 metres).


What dates are available and how do I book?

From mid-April 2013 to the end of the summer term then right through the autumn term from Sept to Dec 2013. To book please email andy@andyseed.comor or call Andy on 01653 696704.


How much does the show cost?

The show is £400 + VAT to include all travel/accommodation expenses. This may seem high but audiences will get the chance to experience two acclaimed authors, and the whole of KS2 will have one hour’s intensive input, which is the same as each child might receive during a typical author visit. Small schools might like to double up to save costs.


How will the school benefit?

·         Children will be receiving vital messages in a fast, exciting context: that reading is fun (if you have the right book); that books make you clever; that there is a wonderful range of books out there; that libraries lend books for free.

·         The show is interactive and we will be asking schools to select reluctant readers to participate in fun activities for which they will receive free books.

·         Enthusiasm and inspiration are guaranteed: it’s what we’re all about.

·         Each school will receive a handbook called How to Get Them Reading written by Andy and Alan. This will contain a range of strategies and practical tips for promoting reading for pleasure both in and out of school. All the children’s books recommended in the show are listed in this handbook.


Why is the show only being performed in the North and Midlands?

As busy authors based in the North of England we are restricted by travelling times and the expense of overnight accommodation. We will consider taking the show further afield after its initial run. We will also consider adapting the show for KS3 – please do register your interest in either case.



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