Book on the way!

I have spent most of the last 4 months writing like fury, trying to complete a manuscript before Christmas for the third volume of the All Teachers series of memoirs. With the draft title of ALL TEACHERS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL here are more tales from the Dales of cheeky children, bluff farmers, nosey villagers and rude colleagues.

Set two years down the road from All Teachers Wise and Wonderful this is a collection of funny true stories, school anecdotes and familiar characters. Andy is still at Cragthwaite Primary but what does he get up to? Here are a few peeks at the next books:

– A glamorous student comes to the school
– Class 3 visit an RAF base and get to sit inside a jet fighter (oh dear…)
– The school disco from hell
– Sex education gets a revamp
– Who can solve The Great Toilet Mystery?
– A trip to the seaside that goes horribly wrong

and what happens at home?

– Mouse trouble, again
– Barbara gets an exciting new job
– Andy attempts to jump over a river
– There’s a new arrival at Craven Bottoms and it’s not a baby…
– A siege at the castle goes awry

And, of course, there’s much more. Watch out for the hardback in July 2013!


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