Book launch fun

So, there we have it, my second memoir in the All Teachers series is published in shiny hardback: ALL TEACHERS WISE AND WONDERFUL.  It was launched on Saturday with a book signing at my local indie store, the excellent Hoppers of Malton and they still have some signed copies left so if you don’t own the book yet, get down there while stocks last!

Sharing with local ex-cop Mike Pannett… the really good books are on the right (only kidding Mike!)

Thanks to everyone who came along on the day: the first sunny day of the whole ‘summer’! – or that’s what it felt like. It wasn’t quite as record-breaking as last year’s event when they were almost queuing to Norton bridge, ahem, but it was still great to see so many readers enjoying the complimentary prosecco and home-made blueberry cupette cakelets.

The calm before the storm…

The highlight of the day for me was when five ex-pupils turned up, two with babies! I had last seen them 12 or 15 years ago when they were 11… it was really strange at first then we got chatting and then laughing then reminiscing then guffawing then REALLY loud (sorry Hoppers’ shoppers) as we recalled some of the daft things that they and their contemporaries did in my charge back in the 90s. It was excellent fun and really made the day for me. And they all look so well:

I taught these four rather lovely young women… and they TURNED OUT ALRIGHT!

Since the book was published I’ve been anxiously awaiting the first verdicts from readers – this is a tense time for authors:

  • Will they like it as much as the first book?
  • Will they like it at all?
  • Will they post nil-star reviews on Amazon?
  • Will they tell me I’ve spelt several names and places wrong?

So you can imagine my relief when this email arrived from a teacher in Cornwall:

Hi Andy,

I’ve never contacted an author before but this had to be an exception. After reading and enjoying ‘All Teachers Great and Small’ I got your new book from Amazon asap. What a read! I laughed so much – mainly at two incidents involving poo, I sighed over poor Sheena and I rejoiced with Donna. I recognised Joyce and Val and pictured Reuben squashed into his cot.

I’ve been a teacher for 24 years – the last 20 in Cornwall and I’ve read many books set in schools over the years. I can honestly say your latest gem was my favourite.

Only 12 days left until my summer holidays and there is sadness and relief as I think about sending on my 30 little darlings to year 2!

Thank you very much for reminding me how lucky I am to teach,


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