I’m having great fun at the moment writing a special show for schools about the Olympic Games: Oh-lympics! The Inside Track will be a one-hour theatrical performance for Primary schools featuring author Mike Barfield and moi.

With the 2012 Games being in the UK, this is a perhaps once-in-a-lifetime chance for teachers and children to get close to the Olympics, and virtually every school in the country will be doing some sort of theme based on the Games. Our show is designed to kick-start schools’ work and to inspire, inform and entertain children so that they understand what the Olympics is all about.

The show will consist of 60 minutes of poems, songs, sketches, facts, audience interactions, jokes and explanations. The main themes will be the history of the Olympics and the events of 2012. It will also include nothing less than an attempt to break the Olympic long jump record! Performances take place in school halls and many primaries have already booked. There is more information about the show here.

The creators of Oh-lympics! The Inside Track are Andy Seed and Mike Barfield. Andy is a former primary school teacher who has been an author and performance poet for 11 years. He’s written 26 books including lots of fun non-fiction for kids as well as the best-selling memoir All Teachers Great and Small. Andy works in schools all over the country inspiring children to read books and to enjoy poetry.

Mike is a multi-talented writer, cartoonist and performer who has a background in TV and humour. He has worked on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Dennis the Menace, no less, as well as creating the ‘Apparently’ comic strip for Private Eye. Mike also writes poems and is a great wordplay enthusiast who visits schools where he grabs children’s attention with his unique, exciting ideas.

So, if you are involved with schools, don’t miss out on the Oh-Lympics show: book now by calling 01653 696704 or emailing andy@andyseed.com.

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