Inuit would happen…

What a week. Visited the delightful Willerby Carr Lane Primary School in Hull on Monday then gave four talks on Tues-Fri to over 140 teachers from across North Yorkshire all about the importance of children reading for pleasure. The events went well but they were very tiring and the travel was tricky because we’ve had about 5 inches of snow ‘n’ ice on the ground all week. I skid you not.

By the way, before I forget: events coming up:

Thurs 16th Feb 2012: Yorkshire Post Literary Lunch at The Pavilions, Harrogate, 12-3.30pm

Wed 14th March: Hull Literary Lunch at Willerby Manor Hotel, Hull, 12.30-3.30pm

Fri 22nd June: ‘An evening with Andy Seed’ at The Grange Hotel, York

All of these need booking in advance!

But what about Inuits? you say. Well, all this snow has reminded me of the superlative igloo that was constructed in my garden last winter. It took my son ‘Pip’ and me many hours but at the end we were rewarded with a magnificent sky, as you can see below, before some Eskimo squatters moved in and ruined everything…

December 2010: we lit the candles and collapsed

Inuit would happen…

Quite cosy inside if you don’t mind a wet bot…

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