York Library Event

  • Did Alan Titchmarsh really help get my book published?
  • Was there really a flying octopus when you took those kids on that boat?
  • Where is Applesett?
  • Is it true that a kid hit himself on the head with an encyclopedia to make a sound effect?
  • Who is the hippy teacher really based on?
  • When is your next book published.
  • How can Dracula be in your next memoir (or, now to mention it, an Egyptian mummy or an exploding pig)?

Want to know the answers to these questions? Of course you do! Well come along to this: 

On Wednesday 6th December at 7pm I shall be at York Central Library (or York Explore or whatever they call it now) for ‘An Evening with Andy Seed’ no less. I’ll be sharing some of the funny experiences I’ve had as a primary school teacher and talking about my recent book, ALL TEACHERS GREAT AND SMALL, and sharing the amazing story of how it came to be published after a 10 year journey with the help of daytime TV…


I’ll also be giving one or two glimpses ahead at the next book in the series, to be called All Teachers Wise and Wonderful, and talking about what it’s like to write memoirs: the pitfalls and the fun. There’ll be a Q&A session at the end of the talk so you can ask me all those awkward questions you have about publishing or try and wheedle out of me who the character Malcolm is really based on…


The tickets cost £5.50 and include a glass of wine or juice and there’ll also be an opportunity to buy a signed copy of ‘ATGAS’: what better Christmas present can there be? The event is at York Explore, Museum Street and further details can be found at:


See you there!



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