I’m nearing the end of writing the follow up book to All Teachers Great and Small. The second in a series of three volumes of memoirs, its provisional title is All Teachers Wise and Wonderful. No prizes for guessing where that came from…

So what is in ATWAW? What can you expect to read about if you enjoyed ATGAS and want more? What goes on in Cragthwaite Primary School and what do the Seeds get up to in beautiful Applesett village in the Yorkshire Dales? Well, lots! Here are a few peeks into book 2:

  • A new girl arrives at the school and she’s BIG trouble.
  • Barbara and I get stopped by the police late one evening for acting suspiciously.
  • We encounter the ‘delights’ of Mischief Night.
  • Barbara learns to drive the hard way.
  • An inspector calls and things don’t go according to plan.
  • Our house is flooded and invaded by frogs.
  • A mysterious face appears in the window of the empty flat next door: enter Mrs Boo!
  • My class builds a giant igloo.
  • I end up in hospital under very embarrasing circumstances.
  • We lose a child in a waterfall.
  • We meet an amazing family of farmers living in just past the back of beyond.
  • An Ancient Egyptian mummy comes to life in assembly.

The book also features Dracula, bottle rockets, a siege, egg-throwing, haytiming, a muckspreader cake, an exploding pig, the worst song in the history of civilisation, funny nuns, a trendy vicar and a sledging accident involving lots of sheep. So there’s no shortage of quirky tales of classroom disasters, village characters and trouble for teachers. There’s a brand new Class 3, of course, and once more a host of humorous, troublesome, smart and not so smart individuals.

And there’s the staff: fearsome Val, nutty Hilda, touchy-feely Joyce and hippy Emma plus the same winsome supporting cast that populated book 1: brute dinner ladies, delicate secretaries, shapely cleaners and comical parents. The familiar large and daft, little and lovely Swinnerdale locals are there too. The book will appear sometime next year and I can’t wait for you to read it.

If you haven’t read this yet then…do!

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