It’s time for a few days off here. After four months solid writing, lots of high-energy school visits and finally the Malton Literature Festival this last weekend I am kerpooped. However, I am not downhearted because my agent has just emailed to say how much she loves the second manuscript in the ALL TEACHERS series. Woo-hoo! What an excellent start to the week.

The second Literature Festival here in Malton went well despite a slow footfall in the main hall for the bookfair. Thanks to everyone who came and supported the events I did. The kids’ poetry session at Hope Central Coffee House was great fun and well done all those brave children who stood up and performed for the parents at the end. Glad you liked my new poem The Rev Spooner’s Olympic Events (the two most popular lines were:
Jiple Trump
Weestyle Frestling) .

The ‘Dales Tales’ talk at the Milton Rooms went well too and thanks to everyone who bought a copy of ATGAS – I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book. Special thanks to Kilmeny Denny who put in a huge amount of work to organise the weekend.

The highlight for me was seeing the quite wonderful Adrian and Bridget Plass at Norton College. If you ever get a chance to hear them speak them don’t miss it: hilarious, moving, wacky, challenging, clever and just superb entertainment. Thanks you two.

The wonderful Adrian and Bridget Plass

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