Thanks Seton Primary!

Well, it’s September and the school author visit season has started again. Yesterday I was at the mega-friendly Seton Primary School which is located in the marvellous little fishing port of Staithes, North Yorkshire. It was great fun telling stories, performing poems and answering questions with Classes 3 and 4. Special thanks to Miss Barningham and Mrs Hill, the teachers, for their enthusiastic welcome and joining in!

The children al learnt my ‘What’s your name?’ rhyme which I now must have taught to thousands of kids across the country! I wonder if they can remember it? Actually, I bet a lot of them can – I went into a school in Selby last Autumn then returned in the spring and briefly worked with the same class of 7 year-olds. I asked them, ‘What’s your name?’ and to my (and the teacher’s) complete amazement they recalled the whole thing without a glitch. I wonder if the Seton juniors can do that… I bet they can!

So, well done to the excellent Mrs Barningham for looking after me with cups of tea and a good chat: she has the poshest Head’s office I’ve ever seen: leather sofa, rugs, original Picassos…(OK I lied about the paintings but the rest is true). She also bought a copy of All Teachers Great and Small for the staff – what a brilliant person to work for! The children were delightful too – I can’t wait to go back again.

Wonderful Staithes

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