Book 2

I’m currently writing the follow up to All Teachers Great and Small and enjoying reliving those glorious days in the Dales in the 1980s. There will eventually be a three-book series (and who knows, maybe even more?). As I write I’ve penned about 76,000 words which sounds a lot but there’s still about a quarter of the manuscript to go and, of course, this is only the first draft…

But what can you expect from Book 2 (working title: All Teachers Wise and Wonderful)? Here are a few snippets – well, just insights into some of the stories that await:

– The very naughty thing that some kids did to us on Mischief Night
– The terrible fate that befalls the school’s new young, trendy vicar
– What happened when I tried to cut down a big tree
– When we hear mysterious noises next door and see a ghostly face in the window
– The tale of a comical sledging accident
– When an Egyptian mummy comes to life
– A very embarrassing hospital incident
– The day when a TV series was filmed in the village
– One of the children being attacked by a vampire

You can also read about:

  • exploding pigs
  • funny nuns
  • a giant igloo
  • the world’s worst snooker
  • bottle rockets
  • cow poo

And, as they say, much more! So, there we are – it’s due for hardback publication sometime in mid 2012 but before then don’t forget that ATGAS is out in paperback in May: the perfect gift!

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