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Well my humorous memoir All Teachers Great and Small has been around for three weeks now and reviews are starting to appear. Here is a flavour of some of them:

Review by author and teacher Beth Kemp:
An engaging summer read, especially, but not exclusively, for teachers.
Essentially a nostalgic read, this is perfect summer holiday fare. As a teacher, I had tremendous sympathy for Seed’s tales of juggling new government edicts with the demands of the actual classroom, and enjoyed his depictions of parents’ evenings, school trips and attempts to modernise the curriculum. He perfectly captures the clash between the old and new, in the rural community and in education more broadly, without being excessively sentimental and without a trace of cynicism. This is not at all a book that is specifically or exclusively for teachers, however, and the child characters will engage any reader, I’ve no doubt.
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From Fleetwood Today:
All Teachers Great and Small, a charming and entertaining memoir, uses fictional names, apart from the author’s, but is based on real-life people and events.
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From TES (Times Educational Supplement):

Dale kids steal the show

This touching, evocative, and often very funny book has a timeless message: the 24 little bundles of human potential Andy Seed describes remind us what primary teaching must be about – children, great and small.
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From an Amazon reviewer:
I could not put this book down! It is heartwarming, uplifting and very funny.
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