Sold out!

Wow, what a wonderful day Sat 23rd July was for me: It started with a rush down to Hoppers bookshop in Malton, North Yorks for the launch of my new memoir All Teachers Great and Small. My crack family team set to work putting up a refreshment table with drinks and nibbles including 200 beautiful mini-cupcakes made by the clever Barbara. The books were there, discount stickers resplendent, and a comfy chair for the author. Just before 10am the first person arrived and within half an hour the place was packed.

The prosecco, orange juice, and mineral water was flowing; the cakes were flying off the display, nibbles were nibbled and, best of all loads of books were sold: in fact the shop’s stock ran out just after midday and we had to use the copies I had brought along. People queued patiently throughout and I had some great chats with ex-teachers and friends who had travelled from all over to pick up a signed copy of ATGAS – the furthest journey was from Gloucestershire!

So, there we are: what a day! The shop manager was very happy, I was delighted, and everyone who picked up a copy of the book is hopefully at home right now with a creamy cup of cocoa, reading and laughing. Oh, and by the way, it just happened to be my 50th birthday too, so that made it extra special…

Huge thanks to everyone who helped and all those who came along plus Andrew and Jan at Hoppers and Maura at Headline for the drinks and for organising it so well. Pictures by my daughter Naomi:

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