Publication Day!

I’m sitting here by the phone waiting for someone to call. It’s that exciting! OK, well, it’s an interview for a magazine so it’s good publicity. But, after a much longer wait – 10 years in total – ALL TEACHERS GREAT AND SMALL is here! In in the shops and winging its way through the post to lucky readers from Amazon’s mondo warehouse.

I’ve spent the last few days doing radio interviews, newspaper pieces, photo shoots and arranging book signings. It’s been great watching ATGAS’s Amazon sales rank go up from 119,000 on Monday morning to a peak of 117 on Tues after the Daily Mail feature. I thought it would drop again but it’s stayed high throughout the week which has been very exciting. Ooh, a five star review has just appeared too (and no I didn’t write it, Rob!). The problem now is trying to concentrate on writing book 2: I’ve done about 45,000 words which sounds a lot but it’s all a raw at the moment. Oh for some finesse!

Yorkshire people: don’t forget the big LAUNCH EVENT this Saturday 23rd July at Hoppers in Malton (in the Market Place) 10am – 1pm. Free bubbly and nibbles, get a discounted & signed book (£3 off!), meet the author, chat and enjoy the buzz. See you there!

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