Now then!

Another blog? What’s it all about? OK, let me explain. I’m an author who has spent ten years waiting for the arrival of a certain book and it’s now nearly, almost here. All Teachers Great and Small is the title and it’s a memoir about my days as a village school teacher in the glorious, beguiling Yorkshire Dales.

The book is humorous, moving, nostalgic and full of true stories about bluff farmers, scary teachers, crazy kids and much, much stranger things including a donkey wheel, a model sewage works, a flying octopus and killer caterpillars. You’ll love it!

The book is published in hardback by Headline on 21st July this year, and this blog essentially tells the curious story of the book, about its author and what it’s like to have an autobiographical undressing out there which at times makes me sound like a buffoon!

Oh, and I’ll also be posting news and bits ‘n’ bobs about the life of a writer.

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